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Pulling Exercise.....


This may be my new baby, come Thursday, when I get to see it, except the one I'll be looking at is PINK! :slightly_smiling: It's a one man canoe...the paddling aspect really pumps the arms, upper body and conditions the back. Should be very balancing, when added to weight training and cardio. And paddling is very cardio-intensive, adding a different layer to cardiovascular conditioning, as well as the isometric and weight bearing aspects. Plus being out in the ocean is a rush. So excited!


right on! yeah i heard rowing is one of the best cardiovascular exercises out there. congrats!


That's awesome! Last trip out to Catalina I did the kayaking around the island deal and got hooked. I miss living by the ocean so much. Take some pics of you paddling it out in the ocean for me, ok?


Thanks! Yes, I'm so excited to get my canoe, I'm ready to jump out of my skin!

Hey!! Yes, living by the ocean is the sh*att!!! Fun, eh? Ok, will post photos! As always, Karma, you are the kewlest!


China-great post-good for you girl. I second Karma's request-now get a hot pink leopard print bikini and cowgirl hat-with cool shades and take some pics of you paddling around paradise. I miss hawaii so very much-I know you locals get rock fever-but I could totally live there! Just be careful out there in the ocean!


Chinadoll: Thanks, babe!

Yorba: Actually, if we're going to get to request outfits I'd go for a Juicy swim cover-up pic of her putting it in the water, then stripping down to her choice of teensy bikinis and throwing on a lei and one of those flower headbandie deals. Nothing like a beautiful girl in fresh flowers paddling a small canoe in a tropical lagoon. Might have to make that a screen saver...


How cool!!! I'm jealous already and you live Hawaii.
You have to write about your adventures. Now, how is this different from kayaking?


Well I got an older digital camera I bought way back in 2000 and it holds 54 pics. Most rolls of film hold 24-even on disposable cameras...that being said-I think China can take a whole bunch of shots in a variety of items-from everyday to very skimpy. I couldn't agree with you more as far as the flowers Karma-the contrast of her skin tone with big white flowers would be a feast for the eyes. Covering her nipples with some flowers would also be very nice. I think my favorite would be of you guys spreading a bottle of hawaiian tropic all over each other...now we are talking wallpaper.


Sincere Abject Apology
Sorry for the hijack, Chinadoll.... I would really like to see the canoe in action. Really.

Turning a reprimanding, waggling finger to Yorbabarbell
Yorba... Dat durn PM thing musta made ya lose it thur fer a minit.

We're in the wrong forum to be discussing such matters... :wink:


Damn, stuck here at work, reading your posts... you're killing me ladies, killing me!


Hey Chinadoll,

I was wondering, did you happen to catch this week's NRG television? Clifford, I mean Kala'i, covered this favorite local pasttime. Yes, an awesome workout or active rest. Take a pole and some bait out with you and you can catch some good fish.


Yes, kayaking, paddling, surfing are all favorite local pasttimes. It's very everyday common to see them hanging in peoples' garages/carports. Its the best stress reliever to go out away from civilization and be by yourself with the ocean!



So cute! You and I would have a grand time going shopping together!!!!!


Hey Yo!!


Hey China

Thanks for the shout-out. Enjoy your new water toy. It got really hot over here again-100 plus so I think I am going to take my 4 year old out on the huge lake we live near and rent a wave runner this weekend for a few hours. Once my twins are a bit older I can't wait to buy some nice water toys. Looking forward to a full report on you and enjoying your new toy!!!!!! Pics too-mmmmm!!!!!!!!!