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Pulling Day: Weighted Pull-Ups Bad for Shoulders?


Hi CT and others:

I’ve typically added weighted pull ups to my heavy barbell pulling days. So I after explosive pulls, progressively ramping from SG High pulls, High pulls, Clean pulls, to Shrug pulls, I move on to weighted pull ups. About 25 total, with >50 lbs strapped on in sets of 4-6.

I am prone to shoulder aches when training heavy, and always attributed to BP or OH press. But I’m not really doing those heavy right now, and I notice that my shoulder is getting a bit achy on pull up day. I also notice that you don’t emphasize pull ups much in your training, so maybe this could be why.

Are weighted pull ups problematic? Should I do more horizontal pulling compared to vertical pulling, or just stop weighting my pull ups? Thanks for any responses.


They can be problematic if you lose lats tension in the bottom position. The lats should never relax, this will pull the shoulders up, out of the sockets, which can create an impingement.