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Pulling Bar Down on Squats, Elbow/Biceps Pain

I pull down on the bar to keep my lats tight but after doing that I get some pain in my elbow and bicep area. I tried bending the bar cue and pulling my triceps to my lats. Is there anywhere to do this without any pain or damage to my elbow?

You are either unable to maintain form while squatting, lack mobility and therefore are putting stress on your elbow joint or have some type of weakness.

I recommend looking up squat university to help you identify which one applies to you.

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where is your hand placement? narrow? wide?

I sometimes get slight elbow soreness immediately, when downward pressure is applied. This is amplified by having a narrow grip (in my case thumbs just about touch the smooth part of the bar and) and obviously further by doing low bar.

Also could it be because I have an uneven bar position on my back and my elbows are uneven?
Here’s an image.

Take your hands out wider.

A video could help.


Ahh yes, some mobility issues.

Hands out wider, work on resolving your pec/shoulder issues.

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Why do you have the bar uneven?

It looks like you have some sort of imbalance in shoulder mobility, fixing that might with the pain but a lot of people can’t handle much low bar squatting without getting arm pain. Doing more volume with high bar squats or SSB can help to work around that.

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Try thinking of getting your elbows under the bar , not behind the bar

Hands wider out, fix mobility and squeeze oranges in your armpits. Forget about pulling the bar.

Alright I’ll try this

I have a bad habit of going left once I get under the bar

It’s about 2 inches away from the ring markings which is I guess a medium grip