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Pulling 3+ Times a Week

I had a look at Dimitry Klokovs training program and he has a great deadlift despite being a weightlifter. In his program he pulls 5 times a week using Deficit Snatch Deadlifts, Clean deadlifts, Snatch Deadlifts and Snatch and clean block deadlifts. He uses them in complexes too. Typically the program calls for 3X3 accending in weight. He also squats twice a week. Any thoughts on pulling this frequently?

I am going to surmise that it works for him because he is performing different variations. Similar to what Louie Simmons advocates with the conjugate method, that CNS and overall body stress can be mitigated by rotating various special exercises as opposed to repeated sessions of the same movement.

For me, I deadlift and squat on the same day and do that twice per week. I’m sure I could deadlift a third time if I had a mind to set it up properly and allow for sufficient recovery.

Also it is not uncommon to see a lift trained 3x per week in a Light/Heavy/Medium split which I guess they call “undulating periodization.” Can also be set up as a heavy day / speed day / rep day if done intelligently.

The point is, it absolutely can be done yes.

Should i cut back on squat if i were tp pull 3-5 times per week? Mabye i could work in peroids, say 6 weeks squatting 3-4 times per week using variations like front squats and zercher squats only deadlifting once performing speed pulls and then 6 weeks of squatting 2x per week doing light speed work and deadlifting 3-5 times per week using diffrent itensities and variations.

Why would you change so much? Its best to only make small changes to your program at a time, and I wouldnt even do that if your current program is working for you. You don’t have to start deadlifting 3x/week just because you read an article that said someone else does.

How many times per week do you deadlift now and how is that working for you?

At this point i’m deadlifting and squatting once a week but i find that high frequency squatting works better for me and i’m able to recover fairly well, however my upper body dosen’t recover as efficently so i keep my bench frequency low. I feel that my deadlift is getting worse as i deadlift once a week.
I could just add some stiff leg deads and deficit snatch grip deads on my other training days and see how i recover.

You feel that your deadlift is getting worse, or it is getting worse? If your lifts are actually going down then yes thats a problem and something needs to change

You’re very young (15 / 16?) and I see you ask about different programs kind of often on here … You should find a program and stick to it for a while (like 6 months to a year) and see how you progress before you really start thinking about changing so much around. You definitely shouldn’t be trying to program yourself IMO thats how you turn into a gym bro with no gains real fast.

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I just started the 915 program and thinking about following that for a while. I’m just asking on this forum becuause i want to expand my training knowlege and read the opinions og guys like you who obivously have a lot of experience. Just looking for programs i can do in the future and now i thankfully understand the importance of sticking to ONE program at a time. Thanks for your advice tho.

I feel that when i deadlift less freqently my motor pattern fades away and i feel like i need more freqent practise but i don’t know about higher deadlift freqency becuase it’s a very taxing movement.

Thanks, I don’t have a ton of experience and I definitely still consider myself a beginner but I do feel I have a working knowlege of programming and have had the good fortune of being able to speak to and get help from various top-level lifters in my short time on the platform. You’re in the right place, just try not to get overwhelmed by the insane amount of information that is out there. Simplicity is king when you are just starting out.

You’ve answered your own question. Practice the moment frequently with light weights (about 50% of your max). Then train then movement once a week at whatever load you feel is appropriate.

Couldn’t say it better myself - overanalyzing can be detrimental especially for young lifters. As for your specific question, I learned in my olympic lifting days (And even more true for powerlifting) the higher percentage you use and the heavier the total you’re lifting is (example 600 and 800 lbs are not the same in the amount they tax the body…you might be able to squat 600 twice per week and be ok but once you reach 800 you can only squat once every 2 weeks). You can do higher volume in lower percentages so it’s all about what training program you use and how you separate it…for beginners and intermediates I usually recommend higher volume and the more advanced you get, higher intensity and lower volume.


@jasanderssen thats it kid, you just got an answer from a multiple world-record holder. No excuses now :grin:

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Pulling 3x a week took my deadlift from the upper 700s to over 800 raw. I don’t do drugs either. It worked great for me until an old football injury finally exploded all the way and now I am out for a little bit. Anyway, my progression looked basically like this:

Day 1: Hypertrophy
After Squats
Somewhere in the 75-85% range for 5-8 sets of 2-3
High Rep RDLs

Day 2: Strength
After squats
80-90% for 3-4 sets of 1-2

Day 3: Power
90+ for 3-4 sets of 1 or find 2-3 rep maxes as different RPEs
Heavy RDLs (3-6RMs)

Like I said, this worked great until I started training for the Arnold (to do a full raw meet on that Friday then a deadlift only on that sunday) and my labrum in my shoulder finally went.