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Pulley system for home gym


Hi friends,

I suppose this has been discussed before... but Im not good at searching.

Anyway, I want a pulley system for my home home gym so I ca do face-pulls, seated rows, and maybe some pull downs.

Whats the cheapest and best option for this for my new home gym?



Buy a used multi-gym?


A set of bands and the cable attachments of your choice off the rack will do it all.


Some power-racks have cable attachments; never tried one though.


I have a simple-yet-sturdy one built into my power rack.

Also don't try and cut corners and buy cheap stuff for a home gym, spend that little extra to get decent gear. There is no point trying to save 20% if the equipment is dog shit.



Can you post me a picture or give me a link to a website that shows your pulley system? Ive been looking for something like you have described, but I cant find anything.



Instead of re-asking the same question... I'm just going to bump this.

theBird: what did you end up doing/using?

I just bought myself a rack (yesterday) and am trying to find some sort of pulley option I can make/buy that will mount onto it.



Hi lorez,

Long story... But I still haven't got my home gym. I was relocated for work reasons to another town, where I planned to set up my home gym. I have been living in temporary accommodation for about 6 months now, but should be moving to my long term place in the next 3 months where I plan to set up my home gym.

Saying that, I'm thinking I don't mind the whole trip to the gym. Gets me out of the house and helps me get into the mode. For example when I step into the gym I turn into the incredible theBird. I don't know if I could do that transformation by stepping into my garage, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, let me know what you end up going for?