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Pulled/Tweaked/Strained Glute

Ok so today was the second time in about a month’s time i strained a glute muscle!
First time was warming up for bulgarian split squats, and i tweaked my lateral lower side of my left glute, somewhat above the glute/ham junction. the split squats were done after going for a rdl max.

today i was all eager about my newly started DC split, everything went well until i started warming up for my heavy front squat set. my last warm up set, one the 3rd rep i think, i felt a strain deep in the middle of my right glute.

I was under the impression that you could train the shit out of your glutes (no homo) since they are the muscle you are least likely to pull? Given that i still have some anterior pelvic left (less than before), it baffles me even more, since generally in apt one’s glutes aren’t firing properly.
So, what gives?