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Pulled Something in Chest?

Im curious if anyone has any ideas about what I might have done to my chest. Monday was weighted dips day and my last set was a 45 pound plate with 2 reps. I go very deep on dips, and after the set I felt like I might have strained something in my chest. That was monday. Today was dips day again and it hurt quite a bit throughout my warmup (much worse over the concentric motion) set so i quit. The pain is about an inch above my xiphoid and centered a little to the left, although it feels like it spans horizontally a couple of inches. I now feel it if i take a deep breath. I could do pullups and flat bench press and only feel it a bit, though. Anyone done this before? Ideas about recovery time/stretches/what I can do to fix it?

Lower body is out of commission with a torn patellar tendon (college wrestling team)…can’t afford to rest the upper body too. Thanks for the help guys

If chest is out dont mean entire upper body is out.

Still got your back ( upper and lower ), abs and traps.