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Pulled Pork: Recipes?


Been in SF for 2 weeks (San Jose / Oakland); and man the food here is amazing. However Pulled Pork is so damn addictive - anyone have recipes for it?



You got addicted to pulled pork in the East Bay? That's like getting addicted to poi in Berlin.


A little something different, and easy. A break from the typical sweet/saucy pulled pork.

My wife will stab holes into a pork shoulder and bury a ton of garlic cloves inside. Then she'll season it with just course salt, cracked black pepper and Mexican Oregano. We'll tear it up, add some tapatio or tabasco, and homemade pico served on a warm corn tortilla. Savory.


I lived on pork shoulder like that most of the winter...garlic, salt, Puerto Rican style up here in the NE...hell yeah! It makes pulled pork taste like garbage in comparison and I have added about 50lbs to my DL this winter so I think I am off the grocery store now.


Get a boston butt roast, the most flavorful pork roast and it pulls apart so easily. I usually try different seasonings each time but I usually always have garlic and slow cook it with some beer. Then you can add some of your favorite bbq sauce when it is done or make your own if you really know what you are doing.


Relly nothing to it if you have a low cooker


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Definitely use a shoulder. If you can find a fresh picnic (i don't know if you guys have another name for them in the USA) try that, they go on sale sometimes for dirt cheap and they have the skin-on and bone-in, but once you've slow cooked it you can literally pull the skin off in one piece and grab the bone and pull it right out.

When people come into my shop and ask for pork tenderloin and then comment as they're walking away that they are doing pulled pork, I die a little bit inside.


Before I answer how do I know you're the real dbcooper?


Probably the absolutely easiest recipe I've seen is...

Take a pork shoulder and put it in a crock pot.
Cover it with a bunch of bottled root beer.
Cook for 8 hours, then drain, pull apart with two forks, and eat.

There's certainly better recipes that are more involved, but for "pretty damn good with minimal effort", this one works well. A bit of hickory smoke extract makes it even better.

For a simple sauce to go with it:

Mix equal parts root beer and Heinz chili sauce
Reduce by half.

Mix in after you've drained it.


There aren't any fake DB Coopers. We're all authentic.


3 pounds boneless pork shoulder roast, trimmed

1 package McCormick® Slow Cookers BBQ Pulled Pork Seasoning

1/2 cup ketchup

1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar

1/3 cup cider vinegar

Put this in a slow cooker or 4 hours on high or 8 hours on low.





There aren't any fake DB Coopers. We're all authentic.[/quote

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Yeah, tons of recipes. House favorite for generations.


This... I am wondering what the hell being in SF has to do with awesome pulled pork.


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I hear it goes well with rabbit cream stew and blood sausage.


where do you get "rabbit cream?"