Pulled Over The World Record Deadlift (Gym Lift)

Not my cleanest max but I’ll take it. 9lbs over Ed Coans tested 181 deadlift. That records been around longer than I’ve been alive. Looking to clean it up and add some more weight. The little bit of bounce the weight has is starting to bother me. I’m trying to get my competition set in my gym. Or at least a few 25kg plates. Upper back was still a bit sore from the pr double on front squats Friday



Vince eyeing records like


There’s 2 others in range of the record, Ren and Haack. But I think I have more potential in the lift overall based on leverage.


Deadlift Panda and Bilbo Swaggins. That’s some elite company to keep.


Nice job! Do you need to cut some bodyweight or are you comfortably within water cutting weight?

Oh shit man thats awesome! Have you got a meet planned?

I’ll have to cut about 6.5 lbs from where I am now. But I plan to gain some weight to push the deadlift higher. I am comfortable cutting around 13 lbs and still feel fine. Right now I’m not planning to go 181 until world’s though.

Possibly June ish to qualify for a world event.

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I’m impressed how your deadlift just keeps going up steadily. What is the strategy?

None really just keep pushing it. I tweaked my side after my meet them my hip so didn’t pull a pr for a while. I stated feeling good and realized i hadn’t pushed it further so started throwing more weight at it. Though this was the last heavy single for maybe 6-10 weeks. I’m dropping back for some rep work and build back up. Possibly looking for 800 as my next pr since I’ve been steadily gaining 10-20 each max attempt.



out of curiosity what is your best conventional?, -do you still incorporate it

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Keep grinding, brother.

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Do you think an 800lbs pull is a possibility in that weight class?

Best was 625 but after not doing it for 6-8 months still pulled 615 so I think I could get it into the upper 600s but it’s not worth it to me.

That is the goal. Id like to attempt 771 on a second at an international meet then over 800 on the third depending where I’m at. Currently my deadlift is the strongest its ever been and I’m down 6 lbs from what I was weighing training for my last meet where I pulled the 749. Not positive but I believe Jesse Norris was the lightest person to pull 800 drug free in a meet with 826.