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Pulled My First 315


I just pulled my first 315 dead lift. To some, this is paltry, but to me its monumental. I've been chasing just 300lbs for 6 months, spinning my wheels, training and eating inconsistently. but, today I nailed 315 and it felt great. Other members of our tiny basement recreation center gym were astounded, because I weigh 155lbs and am very small, like all the men in my family.

Anyway, I had to tell my t-nations brothers.


congrats man! at 155, nice work!


Good job planting your feet on the road to strength. Now run.


Congratulations man!


3 plates is a damn good feeling, congratulations!


You're closer to 405 than you were a month ago.
Keep it going.




Congrats! Now on to 405.


I remember my first pull!

But good job!

(anyone get the reference to the movie?)


no b/c u fucked it up

supposed to be "i remember my first beer"


Good job. You'll also enjoy the feeling of doing your old 1RM for your work sets.


Good work.

Now as others have said, on to 4 plates!


...that's the point. When were we talking about beer in this thread? Hence substituting "beer" with "pull".


Excellent job, young man! Now STFU and lift more! Hah!


Congrats on the PR! Don't put any weight on a pedestal, just keep on going.


Exactly, you'll be surprised what you're hitting years down the line.


idk but i saw someone deadlifitng 405 today and i immediately thought "i remember my first beer"