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Pulled Muscle?

I was deadlifting yesterday and hurt my back. I did 415x2 which is my best to date but afterwards my back was sore on the right side, near my lat.

It is really sore today in some posistions, but it doesn’t really hurt in others such as seated. The pain isn’t near my spine. If you picture the space between the spine and the where the lat starts, about 70% over from the spine, if that makes sense.

I normally would just assume I pushed myself a little too hard and it should heal within a week or so, progressively getting better. However my brother who has a herniated disc says the pain he experiences is from the nerve which wraps around the body, so pain in the area I feel could be from something that serious.

Anyone have experiences to share or any deeper knowledge?

It’s not possible to do much more than take a stab in the relative dark here, but it “sounds” to me like you have a pull that will straighten it itself out with some rest like you thought. Do not base anything you do on what I say, but that’s what it sounds like.

There is such a thing as referred pain, but that seems like a weird spot for it to show up. Again I’m no doctor and am just thinking (typing?) out loud.