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Pulled Muscle Question

I’m currently doing CW’s Waterbury method, last night tho, while doing my DB Deadlift/DB Overhead press supersetting, I felt some muscle pain under my rightside rear delt when pressing. I thought i’de just deal with the pain and finish my sets but by set4 it started to get pretty bad.

Now it’s the next day and it doesnt hurt all the time just when I stress the muscle. My question is, should I just deal with the pain as if it were like soreness from a tough workout and just fight thru it on tomorrows workout (10x3 weighted pullups) or should I shy away from ANY workout that even slightly makes it hurt?

I’de really hate to really pull the muscle as I feel right now its only slightly pulled, but I also REALLY dont wanna miss my workout as I’m seeing steady progress in my program. Thanks for any help.

Can anyone offer some advice on this? Otherwise I plan to just goto the gym tomorrow and continue with the program as usual.