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pulled muscle in my lower back

I need some help!! About 3 months ago I bent over to pick up some dumbells (with no weight in my hands) and I strained or pulled a muscle in my lower back. The location is directly at the top of my left cheek/lower back area. No matter how much I stretch it doesn’t seem to be getting better. Any ideas? Thx

Go see a good chiropractor or a doctor that will do more than just prescribe you some anti-inflammatories. If it has not healed so far, it may be out of your hands.

See a chiropractor and a massage or ART therapist.

Thx for the advice. I did see a doctor last month when I had the flu and he gave me some vioxx which did help. After the vioxx was gone it came back. It is more of a muscle problem I think so would a chiropractor be the person to see? Or should I see my regular doctor and let him recommend someone that deals with muscle pulls/etc. Thx

Go the chiropractic route beacause an MD is likely just to give you another drug rather than getting to the source of the problem. A good chiropractor should be able to get to the bottom of the problem.

I’ve had the same pain in the same area from the same thing. I’d say it’d be damaged connective tissue much like mine, in which case stretching won’t do an aweful lot. I found the best remedy was to take time off from exercising my lower back, and LOTS of nutritious food. In the future remember to tense and stabilise your mid-section whenever you bend at the hips, in the same way you stabilise when squatting. That’s helped me not have the injury occur again. Cheers, Mark-AUS.