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Pulled Left Groin Muscle During Squat

I’m 5ft 10in. 32 years old. 255lbs, obese.

I pulled my left groin muscle today while doing a 300 lbs squat, high bar. I did 5 reps at 280 lbs, I never thought 300 lbs would hurt me. Luckily there were safety bars. I felt the muscle tore/pulled but I’m not sure of the seriousness of the injury (Grade 1/2/3). Hopefully no surgery required, maybe I need to see an orthopedist to make sure.

It’s painful when I spread my left leg away from my groin, so I have a resistance band wrapped around my hips to keep the two legs close together so I can walk with less pain. I will be walking with a walking stick as I recover.

I attribute this injury to a wide feet position because I’m obese so I have big belly, hard to squat with shoulder width feet position so I do mostly sumo squats. Maybe I have bad squat technique too, I need to research more, get elitefts DVDs, etc.

I heard I won’t be able to go to the gym for 1-2 months and I’m afraid of gaining more weight because I’m trying to lose weight. Target goal is 220 pounds.