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Pulled Lat Work Around?


hi.... just wondering if someone could give me a breif guide on what exercises are still good to do with this injury. cheers.


well, not to sound condescending, but really just get in the gym and do whatever doesn't hurt


makes sense man :slightly_smiling: how long could you expect before a dimminish in strength gains? eg i wont be doing deads obviously whilst it heals.


impossible to say really but as a general rule you always regain strength faster than you initially took to build it.

It's all part of the game. The key things now are working out what you did wrong to injure it in the first place so you can prevent it happening again, and (the hardest part, in my opinion) being patient enough to take it slow and not re-injure it doing too much too soon.


How did you pull your lat and how bad is it? Lats are a big muscle. They stabilize on a lot of lifts but its not obvious. If its real bad I would imagine most lifts are off the table. Deadlifts rows pullups obviousy, but also possibly ohp, bench, and back squats, as well as little things like skullcrushers, pulldowns, curls. Front squats might be doable, back squats with a SSB might be an option if that bar is available to you. Curls may be doable on a preacher station. I can't think of any triceps exercises that lats aren't needed to stabilize. You can possibly do rear delt work and that may also maintain your mid traps/rhomboids. Again this all depends how bad the strain is


to be honest im stupid for doing so but i went the gym yesterday and went max weight on all my lifts. i just avoided anything that brings the lats too much such as pull ups. the pain is receeding quickly.


spend that time building strong hamstrings, youll come back deadlifting even more


ok guys..... took a week off for x-mas and the pain went. went back the other day and its back. whats the likely outcome of continuing on with training? i have stopped anything that engages the area too much.


after some prodding... it would appear that its the infraspinatus that seems injured. there's a tender point in there for sure. could this be a trigger point?