Pulled Knee - Squat Replacement

I’m currently 3 and a bit cycles into Beefcake. Just come off a de-load week, first day back was squat. I still get exited to dive back in after a light week but on my first set got a bastard of a pain behind my right knee cap probably at about 3/4 depth… lightened the load, did a bit more stretching but nope. Feels fine normally but add weight and it screams at me.

Thats the sob story anyway…

I want to carry on the cycle but could do with some recommendations to swap out the squat for a few weeks, give it chance to heal up.

Any suggestions?

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I know with all my knee strains not a lot worked but a list of stuff that did is:

  • Banded Hamstring curls
  • Stretching/soft tissue work on hips, calves, hamstrings, quads
  • TKE’s
  • Joint mobilizations from Becoming a Supple Leopard
  • Cutting down on jumps
  • Warming up knees
  • Knee sleeves
  • Single leg work
  • Stationary bike/prowler/sled
  • Voodoo flossing
  • Not focusing on the squat. This allowed me to heal up and not be mad my squat wasn’t moving. If it doesn’t hurt, train it stupid light and don’t push.
  • ATG accessory work
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I’m thinking similar, drop the squat for the rest of the cycle, use that day for leg mobility, I know my ankles need a lot of work too so probably a good idea. Follow that up with some light squats, up the weight each week, see how I get on.

Thanks fella. Appreciate the tips.

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No problem!

Assuming backwards sled drags don’t aggravate the injury, you could probably throw those in to get a pump in the quad and blood in the knee (starting light). That would probably be a good thing to throw in with the leg mobility work. If that pain continues for a long time, going to a doctor or physical therapist is the next move.

When I tore my hamstring and couldn’t squat, I asked myself “What Would Bruce Randall Do”

The answer was good mornings

So that’s what I did

BBB Beefcake with good mornings would be incredibly anabolic