Pulled Inner Thigh, Need Plan

I got a pull on Tuesday morning trying to hit a new PR on leg press. I feel like I can do most exercises that don’t involve going deep.

All I have at home is a squat rack and bench. I’m planning on doing 1/4 to 1/2 squats depending on how deep I can go without aggravating my injury. I’m sure I’ll have to pack on much more weight to make this worth it. I also normally do romanian deadlifts, and I think I’ll be fine with doing those with my normal weight. I may also try seated calf raises with a couple towels wrapped around my BB.

What do you think about this workout plan for today?

I was also thinking of doing cardio instead. If I’m doing cardio instead of lifting, I’d prefer inline blading since that gets a pretty good pump in my legs…have you seen the legs on speed skaters?!?..but I can also see myself eating it hard if I try to dig too deep.

I know I should probably rest, but Tuesday’s aborted workout was the only lifting I’ve done all week. I’m antsy as hell to push some iron.

What did you pull?

Specifically I mean… groin, hip flexor, hamstring?

Did you read the title? Inner thigh muscle. The right one if you must really know.

Either the adductor or abductor, whichever is in the middle. Definitely not hamstring or I wouldn’t even think of doing rdl’s.

Have you tried leg press with your feet closer together?

I don’t have a leg press at home, so unfortunately that doesn’t help me for today.