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Pulled Hamstring

does any body have any idea how long it takes for a pulled hamstring to heal up?

depends how bad it is and what you do to encourage healing and what you do to prevent it getting worse … the list goes on.
kind of a vague question.

well, i kind of know the answer. just seeing what the T-dogs would say.
anyways the bright side is now i have a reason to masterblast my upper body.

Twelve days.

any other estimates?

14 days

The question is too unspecific to provide an intelligible answer. Truth be known, you can fully recover from some hamstring injuries in days. Some NEVER heal fully, period. All will respond to “treatment” and/or recovery, to varyiing degrees.



well, i had to go to the doctor. i need to get an MRI. the pain is excruciating.
live and learn.

If you follow your rehab program exactly and have a good physiotherapist as well as an active release technique practitioner handy, you may be back to previous functional levels in 6 months.

At least that’s how it was for me. Tore my hamstring twice in two years. Second-degree both times.

And yeah, the pain is excruciating. Whatever you do, don’t take ibuprofen or tylenol for it, though, and be sure to STRETCH as much as you can handle. The early stages are the most crucial. My scar tissue is weak b/c the emergency room doctor told me to sit on my ass for 10 days before seeing a physio. If I’d had been stretching and icing every day, my recovery time could have been halved or quartered.

my appointment is not until the 28th. it is not swelling, or bruised. the doctor put me on vicoden and methocarbamal for the pain.
getting out of bed is the most painfull thing. once i am out of bed and moving around it loosens up.