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Pulled Hamstring, Need Help


So today I was doing some heavy front squats and everything was going fine. After the second set I felt a little tightness in my upper hamstring where it connects to my glute. Next set I unracked the bar and did the first rep and everything was okay. Second rep u felt some pressure again and the third rep, in the way up, I heard and felt a pop in that same spot. I ditched the bar and say in the ground for a second. When I tried to get up I had to grab onto the squat rack to help myself up. I can walk with 0 pain. Touch my toes too.

I just have alot of pain when I attempt to squat. I can't get down all the way in the hole. If I put my weight on my knees and ease myself down I have no problem at all. I just can't squat and that's it. There no bruising. Right now I've got it compressed with a knee wrap and and ice pack in and off. Have any of you guys experienced this? What can I do to speed recovery? Or any other things yoyu guys can help me with. All is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


I have. The key is rest. Active rest is great if it’s not severe. Once you healed up, hit up that mobility work. Have you actually been looked at by a medical professional?


Don’t use it for awhile lots of rest and if you can get it looked at. Also don’t try training around it IMO. I pulled my hamstring awhile back and I kept trying to work around it and it ended up setting me even further back.


I haven’t got it checked out by medical professional. I just don’t think it’s severe enough to do so. Seems a little better today. I’ve been religious about icing it. It’s just odd because I don’t really know if it’s my glute or my hamstring. I can curl my leg just fine but the location and the pain seem thatt it could be glute related.


Tore both of mine. One 15 yrs ago doing the standing single leg curl machine for low reps heavy weight and the other playing softball 25 yrs ago. The softball tear only slight black and blue but the other one was major black and blue and diagnosed with a pretty bad tear.

What I did was as soon as possible start working the hamstrings with very high rep light weight low intensity. I wanted to get as much blood into the area as possible to heal. I would also constantly stretch with the intention of not healing up or having scar tissue glue me so to speak in a shortened range of motion.

I eventually healed and can train hams fairly heavy, ie, maxed RDL’s for 3 x 385. But every now and then I do feel pulling in the injured areas especially if I’m a little dehydrated from dieting or something which gets a little scary like I’m about to tear it again.

Each injury took me at least a year or more to get back to intense type training and even then things were still iffy. So depending on severity of tear (and yours doesn’t sound too bad) it could take some time to recover and heal.