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Pulled Hamstring Help


Hello, this is my first post on these forums but I’ve lurked here for a while. I always see really good physiology info and pt stuff on here so I thought I would post up asking for some help. But, before I do here is a little bit about me so that you guys can fully assess my question. I’m a 17 year old male currently 5"4 140~12% bf and have been doing athletics all of my life. For the past 3 years or so I’ve been heavily involved involved in powerlifting, bodybuilding, triathlons etc. My current lifts are as follows: front squat 295lb, weighted pistol squat 75lb, deadlift 395lb, weighted pull-ups 70lb, bench 245lb.

Alright so to my question. I have recently been pursuing track and field as my high school days are quickly coming to a close, this is my last year, and I want to have some sport I can possibly get a scholarship in. So for the past month or so I’ve stopped power-building and started to focus on track and field/athletic training. About 2 weeks ago i trained with one of my track buddies. The day before he and I trained I had run a 5k and my body wasn’t feeling too great, my hips were a bit sore my groin felt strained a little, but I decided to train anyway. He and I did some 100m training, acceleration drills and some hill sprints. On the first 100m we did I knew i wasn’t at 100%. Both of my quads felt like they had been strained a little.

However I still put up halfway decent times, I ran an 11.75 100 my pb is 11.41. So we went through the workout and as we progressed my legs started to actually feel a bit better. The day after I was incredibly sore and took some precautions just in case I had hurt anything. I took some ice baths, stretched and decided to take a week off. Fast forward to Monday the 8th, this is my first day back from the week off. The days leading up to this my hamstrings felt extremely tight with my right leg being noticeably more tight. On Monday I took precautions and warmed up, light jog, butt kickers etc.

On my first 100m of the workout, I pulled my hamstring during the acceleration phase. I finished the 100m and assessed the damage. I concluded that I had indeed pulled it. I stopped the workout went home and did “RICE” on my leg. I haven’t done any training since Monday. Wednesday and Thursday I did some cycling just to make sure I got a little blood flow to the area and today my hamstring isn’t sore and there doesn’t seem to be much, if any at all, inflammation. I also did some stretching and my hamstring, in particular the right one, the one I pulled, is extremely tight and this is very concerning to me.

Out of no where my hamstrings, in particular my right, are now extremely tight. I’m very concerned I may have a muscle imbalance or some problem so I decided to see if anyone on here has any ideas what’s going on. Can anybody give a general diagnosis of what’s going on with my hamstrings? Are there any muscle balance tests I could take to see what the problem is? I’m very concerned and worried about this and any insight into my problem is greatly appreciated. Thank you to everyone in advance.

P.S. Apologies for the wall of text, I wanted to ensure I covered absolutely everything just in-case some small detail mattered.