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Pulled Hamstring Causing Sciatic Nerve Problems

2 weeks ago i pulled my hamstring pretty bad, lots of bruising and swelling, and im just now walking normal again. i went to the doctor who confirmed it to be a strain and nothing too serious (lucky/no surgery). however… now that its healing and the swelling is going down the nerves in my leg are going crazy and keeping me up at night. the bicep femoris is an innervated muscle, so is it reasonable to assume my injury has just aggravated my sciatic nerve?

Short answer: Yes

Long answer: What else is going on? What caused the hamstring to get overloaded in the first place? If it wasn’t a freak occurence, then make sure the root of the problem is fixed. Make sure the hip ERs are moving as they should. You could still have some residual swelling/adhesion in the area from the strain that needs to be worked out. Foam rolling, stretching and mobility work are important, and if it’s still bothering you, find someone to work the soft tissue for you (ART, Graston, SASTM, etc). Make sure you bring the strength back up so you don’t overload it again.

Thanks for the reply

It was definitely more of a freak occurrence. My ego got the best of me and while deadlifting one night I worked up to 585 really fast taking plate jumps. My pr is 635 so I don’t think it was the weight as much as it was a non-existent warm up that caused the strain. I’ve been stretching and foam rolling along with doing cardio machines to keep mobility. I’m going to start throwing in really light leg curls within the next week. This is my first real injury so I’m taking the rehab pretty serious. I might have to look into some ART.

My sister has a nursing background and thinks it could be the hematoma behind my knee is aggravating the nerve. So I’m going to start throwing more heat at it to hopefully get rid of the bruise faster.