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Pulled Hammy

So in this past weekends football game I continued early season dominance. Last week was our first game and I had 8 catches and 2 touchdowns on just 76 yards.

This week I started out a little better. They were running man the whole time and the guy who was covering me was both smaller than me and slower than me. First play from scrimmage I run a post… touchdown 75 yards. Next time on offense, another post… touchdown 52 yards.

They finally get smart and bring the free safety over to my side and things are quiet for the next couple of series. We start overloading the other side of the field and abusing them underneath. Finally right before the end of the half the safety starts laying off. I run another post and my qb under throws me a little so I have to break stride, I catch it and I’m off only to have my head jerked around. The bastard grabbed my facemask from behind and wouldn’t let go, he probably had a hold of it for a good 5 seconds. So the ref whistles the play dead even though I’m still standing up!!! I don’t know who to yell at the ref or the corner. As soon as my adrenaline subsides I realize I can’t even walk! I pulled my hamstring somewhere in the mess of getting jerked around backwards.

Anyway, now I’m out for who knows how long. I’ve been getting my hammy massaged daily and I’ve been mixing it up between ice and heat throughout the day. I’m wondering what I should be doing as far as supps. or diet for fast recovery. I’m thinking lots and lots of protein to help the muscle rebuild itself. Any other ideas? I need to get back in the game!