Pulled Groin


Yesterday, I learned a hard lesson. I was in a mad rush at the gym, so I didnt get a chance to really stretch. I was doing the day * of CW’s Summer Project and started on Squats. I could tell from the first squat something wasnt right in the groin area. I finished my sets thinking it was just some uncomfortable something.

I went on to the Bulgarian Split Squat and on the second set it went all the way. I could barely make it out of the gym.

Now its really hard to walk and sit down. The pain is right where the leg meets body, and so any kind of leg work it probably out for the remainder of the week.

Should I just continue the workout of Chads and leave out the leg work? I cant run or even walk very well, so I thought about really bumping up the intensity and do lots of upperbody work for the remainder of the week, short rests to get some kind of cardiovascular demand in there. Any ideas?


Since the body only has limited recovery capacity, even upper body work could detract healing attention from your groin. It might be best just to take a few days or a few weeks off from doing anything unnecessary, depending on how you feel. Good luck.

Well its up to you really, but depending on how you feel I would do nothing for a few days and if it doenst get better then see a doctor and take his advice. People want to be eager and feel like if they lose a day they will fall behind in there goals! Rushing has gotten you into this situation and I am pretty certain rushing will not get you out.
Good luck

Ice it 4 or 5 times per day for the first 6 days. then heat and ice for another few days.

Stay off your feet as much as possible and above all…


After just going through Adductor tendon surgery, I would advise not lifting and seeing a physio.

The adductors are important for every sporting move and lunges are the worst exercise when you have some sort of problem with them.

Back off on the weights because the surgery was painful and the 3 weeks I had to spend lying in bed after it were not much fun either.

Take it easy. Sitting out a week of training is better than the last 5 months of rehab I have just had.