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Pulled Groin Sleeping

My GF just woke up feeling quite a bit of pain in her left leg. When pushed, she feels most of the pain at the very top of the thigh at the front. Most movement is painful - adduction by far the worst.

Not sure what happened. She hasn’t been active at all recently. Last worked out maybe a week ago.

Any ideas? I know I’ve pulled things in my back/shoulder before while asleep. Could she have really done her groin while sleeping?

That happens to me all the time. I think that it’s not that you get injured while you’re asleep, but rather that you injured yourself the day before. Sometimes it takes a day or two for the pain to appear from injuries. I don’t think that there’s much you can do about it but rest for a while and take some aspirin.

Umm, I can’t resist saying it, but maybe if you don’t force her feet behind her ears, or other impossible positions, this won’t happen… :wink: