Pulled Adductor: Stretch Less or More?

For reference, that is the stretch I was doing, except I bent forward, grabbed my toes, and helped pull my legs apart a little further, before pulling my body to stretch farther. I’ve been stretching like that for the past few weeks, but a couple of weeks ago it started giving me trouble. I decided that’s because it wasn’t being stretched enough, and went a little harder with my stretch last Friday. I realized that was a dumb thing, as it hurt pretty much immediately, and was still a little painful for the rest of the day.

Did I screw up badly? Should I just stretch more, but gently (read: properly), or stop being active for a while?

Don’t stop being active, just don’t do that stretch for a little while.

Also, what are you stretching FOR?

I’m stretching to be more flexible. I figure skate as a hobby, and I’m studying ballet to help with, so for both of those. Why do you ask?

Well as a general rule, you should focus on stretching for a purpose–excessive flexibility can lead to joint laxity, which can lead to injury. While some areas can benefit from general mobility, you should be stretching for a purpose.

Here are two articles that you should definitely look at: