Pulled Abductor Muscle

So I started lifting again for the first time in over 2 years. (went from best shape of my life to worst shape of my life in those 2 years…) And after the first week I was playing with my kids on the floor and due to my sore legs when I went to get up I slightly pulled my interior abductor muscle in my left leg. Then last Monday I went to do squats and had a sharp pain in my right abductor muscle. I now can’t lift legs at all or run.

Has anyone else pulled an abductor muscle? (Not a major injury as I was lucky enough to catch it quickly.) I have laid off legs for a week now and it feel pretty good but I am scared that if I lift again I will pull it right away even though it feels good now. Does anyone know how long it takes for that muscle to recover? Any treatment recommendations?