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Pulled a Muscle in My... Chin?


I was doing tri pushdowns, and sort of suddenly got this feeling like I was barfing up my adams apple, but it moved to the underside of my chin - it was very weird. I guess the only other way I'd describe it is like swallowing a small orange. Anyway, I stopped, and massaged it a little bit and it was fine after a minute. I searched around google, apparently people have done this yawning and such.

I'm wondering what the cause of it is (since I cant find that via google) - I'm thinking it could be an issue with my breathing, and if so I'd like to correct it. It kind of puts you off trying too hard, lol.

So I'm at the bottom of the pushdown, and so I start breathing in as I release the bar up into the starting position, then I started to push down. I usually breathe out gradually as the bar lowers, but I was struggling so it wasn't exactly... moving.

... or is it just one of those things that happens every now and again?


If it isn't still hurting, don't worry about it. I've done that by yawning with my tongue stuck out (don't ask).


I sometimes get neck or shoulder cramps if my form on pushdowns isn't tight or strict enough.

I have found that leaning slightly forward, flexing my lats to brace my upper arms, and making sure my shoulders are down and my neck is relaxed is the best way for me to do them.

Your chin cramp is probably just one of those things that happens sometimes, but I would say take another look at your form next time.


@Jaypierce: Nah, it didn't really even hurt. Just felt like I dislodged a muscle and it was stuck in the wrong place for a few seconds. I stopped the set when it happened though, which is sort of annoying.

It may just be that I need to correct the form of my facial expression for my max effort face.

Damn, man. I thought my form was wicked today. I actually usually do them just how you described, but I use a rope attachment instead of this wiggly bar thing that I used.. I also thought my form was bad (in previous sessions), but if what you're describing is good form (well, it works for you), then it wasn't.

I really felt my triceps today compared to usual though. I thought it might have just been a combination of holding my breath and tensing up a ton in a mad effort to complete the rep, but now you've mentioned the form thing, I'll play with it next time.