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Pulled a Back Muscle from Deadlifts-Help!


I was doing deadlifts yesterday and i pulled a muscle in my lower left back. It isn't painful, but it definitly hurts and i can feel it in a lot of activities.

How can i stretch it, How can i Rehab it, How can i prevent it from happening in the future, and what exercises can i do?



First... flexibility can help alot of things. Lower back pain is one of them. If your hammies are too tight, they pull down on your spinal erectors.

As for rest, I'd say lay off deads (and squats, good mornings, etc...) for a while,or at least use very light weights. Let it rest, ice it, go to the chiropractor.

What activities do you feel it in? Everyday activities such as walking up the stairs and opening the refrigerator? or more excersize related activities?


I did something similar a while ago. I went to the chiro and used Ice as well as taking it easy for a week.

To help prevent it again, I worked on my hamstring flexibility and switched to sumo.

Good luck!


(1) Go to a good back specialist to ensure that you did not inflict any serious damage.

(2) Once cleared, read and APPLY the "Get Your Butt In Gear" two part series from Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson here on T-Nation.



hey dan. im still new to this site, and theres no seatch engine either..can you please point me in the direction of 'get your butt in gear' ?


You should see a SEARCH link at the top of the page. In any case, here's part one of the article



I did that about three years ago as well and I was out of the gym for three months. Couldn't even sit for long periods of time for like a month. Really put a kink in my training. It still hurts occasionally if I'm sitting too long or lay on my stomach for too long. I guess I should work on stretching my hammies to help with that?