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Pulled 605 Today


Pulled it today . 605 on the bar, actual weight 619.5.

First official 600+ bar weight pull. My weight 205 this am.




Nicely done.

What do you mean by weight on the bar vs. actual weight? Am I missing something?


?? You used a 15 pound bar? I'm also confuzzed.


Good pull...and I also have no idea what you mean. If the actual weight was 619.5, why isn't the thread 619.5 pull?


tom is referring to the fact that the plate weight+bar weight is stamped at 605, he has stated in the past that his plates weigh heavy, so he weighed the plates and the attempt turned out to be 619.5lbs


That would be 3x bodyweight.....very nice indeed!


3 x BW raw is very impressive. great job. i 2nd the video. would love to see it.


That's huge. If I remember from the 600lb deadlift thread you've been tinkering around with this for quite a while, right? That's awesome.

I third the video.


I weigh my plates . I write down the weight it says , but keep in mind the actual weight for competition purposes when I can actually do one . I don't post my lifts online , but if you pm me your email I'll send you the video .

Just a little personal privacy quirk .


I give a credit to Josh Bryant .


Understood. Then congrats on the 619.5 pull, that's a damn fine achievement.


I take it as 605 in the log, but keep the actual weight in mind if they have precision plates .


Great job. This makes me wonder if my plates are funny, now. I just assumed 45 was 45.


PM sent


My 45s are 43.5 - 49. Most are heavy . At 225 it doesn't matter much. But at 585 with twelve 45s it's a different story.

This is one reason I believe that people do better at meets . You train on exercise plates and lift on ivanko plates and it will be different .


Thats a big pull! I will be joining you at 600+ soon


thati s fucking awesome tom!

i that you have been chasing that lift for a long time. solid.


Thanks guys! I did use a Metal King Deadlifter. FWIW I don't put it on to tight. No more than an old supersuit in the old days. I can't guess on my carryover. It's not two pounds, but it's not fifty either. The biggest benefit to the suit is it reminds me to get my hips down. I tend to let them up to high when I lift raw.

It's a great cue for positioning. I might give it a go raw soon also when I test, or just shoot for 625-650. Josh has built up my floor speed a lot which was the area where I would normally miss.


Thanks Heavy, I've been knocking at the door 3.5 years. Don't quit on your goals guys. sometimes the impossible is closer than you think. I literally broke down after I was done screaming. this was the toughest thing I ever worked for and it took the longest. But man, nothing is sweeter than something you have busted your ass for.