Pulldown machines

I work out at home and am considering buying a lat pulldown
ow machine. I added pullups a while back when CPs article said anything else was for pussies. I am tryin Ians King approach, (good god I bet he screws standing on one foot) and he incorporates a bunch of this stuff. I can probably afford a pretty high end piece and wonder what you think about such a purchase?

I wouldn’t waste the money on a pulldown machine even if I could afford it.

Good Lat Machine? - Try a Parabody, it’s smooth with a more true pull (you really feel the weight unlike some other cable type machines) and a smooth, very well built feel. I have a very good and wide (for my size) upper back done ONLY on Lat machines - oh, and bent over rows . . Pull ups may have an advantage, but it’s bs to say you can’t build a good upper back with machines, total bullshit.

I agree that a Parabody would be nice, but that level of expense probably isn’t necessary. NY Barbell has several nice machines in the $3-400 range, for example. Where I would spend money is in getting a wide variety of handles and grips. I like to do multiple sets of rows and pulldowns using a new grip for each set. If you’ve got the space for it, think about getting a 2nd machine for use as a crossover station. Obviously, a regular crossover station won’t have the seat and leg restraint that you need.

hey tinman,
sorry, i don’t have an answer for you…but i’ve done a lot of ian’s workouts and when you said ‘i bet he screws standing on one foot’ that made me laugh out loud!! he does do a lot of that stuff…good luck getting your equipment. sorry i had no answer for you.