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Pull Us & Chins Towards Assistance Totals


Hey Jim & all,

I was looking over Leader/Anchor threads and haven’t come across this yet.

Do chins/pull ups in between pressing sets count towards the assistance totals?

For instance, if I were to do 3/5/1 and did 7 reps of chins in between each set, would that be 21 reps towards a 25-50 rep total for assistance?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.



What do you think?
Did you or did you not do 21 reps?


I’m not incapable of addition. My thought process is that the chins in between pushing used to be a given, assumed. But I’m not sure that’s the case anymore.

So rather than accidentally doubling volume, or leave something out, it would just be smarter to ask.


They count.


They count.


Hey Jim,

Thank you for the response! It’s much appreciated. As is the insane amount of hours and hard work you’ve put into educating people.

I’ve put together a leader/anchor program that I would love to get your opinion on, if you happen to find the time. I think I’ve followed what I’ve read pretty well in terms of Main/Supplemental pairing, and assistance totals.


Any feedback would be awesome.

Either way, thank you for all that you do!


Here is a PDF if that is easier.