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Pull Ups

Hey guys, i’m pretty new here. I know all you are pretty strong but I wanted to see how you I compared to you in pull ups.
Right now I max at 26 pull ups with a military grip. Meaning with the all fingures and thumb on the same side. And my I can do a weighted pull-ups of 60lbs with 10 reps? I’m 6’1" and 180lbs.

Sounds like a pissing contest ;]

seriously thats good. my max weighted pullup (tactical grip as you mentioned) is 59.5kgs attatched, chinups i do a very slow 61.5kgs and am completly fried afterwards. i can do 23 reps with a tactical grip + 10kgs. all of this at a body weight of 60kgs and 165cm tall. i havent tested a max in the weighted pullups in ages so i might get to work.


Oh Zeb, Zeb where are you?