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Hey fellow T-maggers! Quick question: Ian King says that to improve your pull-ups, you sometimes need to do agonist movements like elbow /extensors/flexors and pullovers. Now, I saw the pullover done by Sig Klein (here’s the link: http://www.sandow.plus.com/ Competition/Klein/Super/super1.htm) and was wondering if this would further improve my pull-ups. I know ladders and have also done EDT for my chins (all worked fine); raised my pull-ups from zit to 7-8. Any comments will be appreciated!

One thing that definitely helps is using extra weight, even if it’s only for a few reps. You’ll find that reps with body weight start feeling easier.

I think the best way to get good at something is to do it, so doing pullups would be the best way to get goodd at pullups.

It depends really on what muscle group is weak. If you have naturally larger and stronger biceps then chances are doing pullovers will greatly help your pull-ups because they will allow you to further isolate your lats…something which is difficult to do when your biceps overpower the lats. For me the problem is opposite…i have good strong lats which I’ve never had any problem developing but no biceps so to improve my pull-up performance I get good results by doing lots of heavy hammer, zottman curls and basically just improving the strength of the elbow flexors.

What is your goal? max chins? do chins short of failure, do them all the freakin time. just do it!!! I like the suggestion of doing added weighted chins every other workout. A day of say 25 extra pounds extra, 5 x whatever, say 1 rep short of failure, and the next a max rep day, 3-5 sets just short of failure. You’ll figger it out. youre doing damn well anyway!!!

thanks for the insight fellas!
Kelly, I think my problem is more on lat weakness, since I have difficulty recruiting my lats during the movement. In fact, I’m focusing on gripping the bar and really using the lats to pull me up. But, once fatigue sets in, I find myself depending more on my biceps, which are fairly strong, to just raise my body up.