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If I do 6-8 sets of chins and pull-ups with various grips and widths on my back day should I include other exercises into my routine such as pull downs and rows or stop with just the pull-ups? Thanks for any advise.

You should include rows as well, especially if you’re doing bench presses. If you read Ian King’s more recent stuff, he says a lifter’s bent row poundage should match his bench press. I think you should include lots of ower back stuff too like oly lifts & deadlifts.

Yeah, if you bench you better row or deadlift. These lifts give your back a thickness you can’t get from pullups or chins.

I like to do 2-3 sets of deadlifts then 2-3 sets of pullups then 2-3 sets of some rowing exercise…then 1-2 30second negatives with weight attached to me on pullups…i get good results with this…avoid pulldowns stick with pullups and yeah varrying your grip in pullups is good…listen to what the others guys said also sounds like they have some great tips…good luck

From personal experience I really used to be into pull-ups and chins and neglected rowing movements. When I started getting into rows more than chins I dropped about 6 from my total max. BUT I got a thickness that I never got from chins. So now I usually try to row at least once per week and chin at least once per week. So unless you are going for some sort of chin record I would add some rows.