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Pull-Ups with Revolving Grip Handles

what do you think of doing standard pullups but with revolving handles? my school gym has only this kind of pullup bar where handles rotate. what about thumbless grip then?

It’s fine.

Hand position is often over emphasised in pull ups. It really only effects the available strength in your forearms and biceps.

Rotating is fine, will actually allow you to do more.

It will also put your wrists, elbows and shoulders in a more natural position as you do your pull up. It’s similar to using rings I would imagine.

I see no problem there, actually it might turn out to be more comfortable than a normal bar.

Yep, it’s a great option for all the reasons already mentioned.

My gym has them on top of one of the power racks and I’ve been using them more often lately. They’re actually slightly thicker than average handles, but that’s not a bad thing either.