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Pull-Ups To Increase Bicep Size?


I'm looking for a good (two-week) pull-up program that I can do to build up the biceps. Any ideas, guys? I doubt that there is any program that is written just using pull-ups to increase bicep size, but I don't have access to a gym for another 12 days or so. .

Let me know how you think I should set this up. Should I perform pull-up sets everyday? What type of set/rep scheme?

Any ideas/suggestions would be great.





just do the maximum amount of total volume that you can tolerate while still making progress in your performance.


After your chin/pullup sets, use dumbells for some good ol' curling.

It's hard to directly affect your biceps with this exercise alone even when doing them with hands placed close & supinated.


Hmm...I don't have any weights. Just a pull-up bar. There must be a good set/rep scheme, though, that'll work the biceps.


If it's at home, just do sets whenever you feel like it doing various grips. that's frequency for ya


Doing pullups with close, underhand grip and only going down to halfpoint will hit the biceps more, I believe.


Close grip chins, hold the top position, flexing your biceps, lower yourself veerrry slowly. That might do the trick.


Good advice so far, guys. What kind of frequency are we talking? A couple sets every day? Multiple sets spread out throughout the day?


Try a search for an article by Mike Mahler called Gtg for biggers arms or something (you can get it from his website), it is a 2 week plan if i recall, to add size to your arms while using dips and/or chins.


Do a search in Thibadeau's articles. I think he had one about improving chin-up strength.


Thanks guys. Great advice. I will research a bit and go with what you all have said.


barbell curls with back against a flat wall/surface


2 weeks? wtf? surely this is an aim for life?

palms facing you grip works biceps well, if you have worked hard i can't imagine you could curl afterwards.


Pull-ups and chins should always be a staple in your program and yes, you can build impressive biceps not doing curls.
If you don't have extra weight available for more resistance, modify your rep tempo to increase the difficulty.


I do lots of pull-ups and chins. Here is my take on it. Since you don't have a gym, try this:

Do 5 sets of alternating chins and pull-ups, twice per day. As many as you can. Every day. 3 days per week, superset this with handstand pushups.

You need to work the biceps, and the triceps also. You can't grow one without the other.



If you like doing circuit styled workouts, here is one that I like to use for strength/endurance 10 reps barbell rows>>>8-9 incline dumbell curls>>>10-11 curl ups (a chinup with palms facing you)>>>8-9 reps with hammer curls. Use 8-9 rep max for the lifts and you can try to increase a rep each week.. do three sets and your arms and conditioning will be solid. (hopefully lol) Good luck Hail.


Yep. Ladders in the morning and a few sets of weighted in the evening 3 x a week will do you wonders. Eat a lot too.


Or start emphasizing one arm at a time over the other, i.e. using less fingers on the opposite, or towels.


I still stand by my opinion. I must totally contradict the impression one can grow his biceps well through chins/pullups.
I can do lots of this exercise and my biceps sucks ass. I incorporated direct biceps work only recently and voila! It grows. Same with lots of sportsbuddies. The able chinners tend to have better definition and impressive veins, but that's about all what is impressive about their arms.

Nontheless, the best chin to target the biceps is the following:

With hands about shoulderwide, palms supinated, chin yourself up
Do two or three reps to warm yourself up. It's gonna be hard
Tempo is about 2 for the positive part, 1 second for the isometric part and 3 seconds for the negative
Now start to chin your chin over one hand, alternating hands with each rep
Hold it there for two or three seconds using only minimal strength from the other arm
If you're good enough: As you hold yourself up in the isometric part, slowly remove the "lazy" arm and lower yourself with only one arm as slow as you can.
for the negative part, your body must be very close to your hand.
Final note:Don't do these every day, since you won't make any progress


I love this combo.