Pull Ups, Running, and 5/3/1

Hey folks!

I’m just starting 5/3/1, and I’m trying to figure out my programming to include pull ups and running. For a re-occurring physical fitness test, I need to be able to consistently do 20 dead hang pull ups, and run a very fast 3-mile run. My current time is just over 20min, and I’m slowly working towards an 18min 3-mile. I can do all 20 pull ups.

This is the programming that I drafted up:

Monday - Bench, Pull Ups (weighted 5x5), Interval Conditioning
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - Squat, Pull Ups (volume 20x5), Interval Conditioning
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Deadlift, Pull Ups (failure 3xAMAP)
Saturday - Overhead Press, Long Steady-State Run
Sunday - Rest

I tried to keep the program as close to the original as written: 4 days of the big lifts, followed by accessory work, with 2-3 days/week of conditioning.

I’m wondering if the running/conditioning will have a negative effect on the lifts. Or, if the lifts could have a negative effect on the running.

My goals overall are to build functional size and strength, while staying light for the running and bodyweight exercises I have to do.

That’s not a terrible program. I actually have had the same goals, but I’ve gone about it differently in the past. The set up that gave me the best results was

Monday-Bench 5/3/1 with bodyweight conditioning
Tuesday-Squat 5/3/1 with incline sprints
Wednesday- Off or ruck training
Thursday- Press 5/3/1 with bodyweight conditioning
Friday- Deadlift 5/3/1 with incline sprints
Saturday-Long run
Sunday- Off

In between every set of upper body pressing I did either rows or chins. The volume was generally enough to keep the pull ups working. Two days of hard sprints with little rest and one long run was enough to maintain and even increase my run time. This is a great way to build strength and muscle while maintaining your pull ups and run. Not as great of a way to train if you’re trying to build up the run and pull ups substantially.

Thanks for the response!

Just out of curiosity, what was your reason for doing a 2 days on, 1 day off structure? (As opposed to a 1 on, 1 off?)