Pull-ups / Pulldowns Shoulder Pain

Hello everybody,

For some weeks now, I have been experimenting left shoulder pain during Pull-ups.

It feels like I am tearing my shoulder when I start to pull myself up, during pronated pull-ups. I use a shoulder-wide grip, so it s not very large.

I am unable to do any single rep of large grip pull ups due to this pain, and struggle a lot with the pull-ups.

I feel the same with large grip pulldowns with heavy weights. I know my forearms are a weakness and are very used so maybe they fuck up the shoulder / elbow mechanics. Form is good according to my gym coach.

Pain is located on the anterior shoulder side, start at the left pecto / ant delt junction and follows the clavicula.

GOt it checked by radio and nothing appeared.

Pain occurs when I am doing this exercise, and last 1 or 2 days, then wears off…

Any insight on this ? Anyone experimenting this ?

  1. Stop doing what hurts. Continuing to do what hurts = bad idea.
  2. There is an article on here in the archives called Shrugs, Face-pulls and push-ups. I cannot remember the name of the author nor the exact title but it is helpful.

Proper warm-up and mobility work.

I have this as well, experienced it during last workout. As BlueCollar is saying, proper warm up is key. I do a couple sets of military/overhead press and incline dumbbell and I’m ready to go.