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Pull Ups or Pull Downs?

[quote]D4damage wrote:
The other day, I asked my gym owner if I could bring in a dip belt for pullups. She said they don’t allow dip belts, even for dips!

Because it would rip the equipment off the wall.

Now what do I do, its the only “real” gym in my area.[/quote]

Pull-ups - Everywhere, all the time.

Damage - Use a DB between your legs. The balance sucks at first, but once you get used to it, it works just as well as a dip belt.

[quote]shamethedebil wrote:
OK, well maybe I’m making too much of this. If I do a 5x4, I can get my head above the bar for all except the last rep of the last set. I thought I had to touch my sternum to the bar to get the full benefit, and I can only do that about 5 times.

Should I just keep at it with no weight until I can touch my sternum for the full 5x5? Also, I dunno if it makes a difference, but the gym has that funky split pull up bar that angles down just a little bit.

I am mixing up grips, I do a 5x5 of chins on Tuesday,and a 5x4 of pull ups on Friday.

Thanks again for the comments guys.[/quote]

One of the worst lifting mistakes I’ve ever made was staying married to a rep scheme You have the same rep scheme twice a week and the closer those workouts are to a true max effort (going to failure) the quicker your body will adapt.

Try going a little higher or lower for reps, work up to a max single, double or triple, etc.

Also farmer’s walks helped my chins as well, something to consider.