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Pull-ups/Chin-ups in Same Workout?


Hey guys, do you think it is a good idea to do pull ups and chin ups right after eachother? As part of my strength workout.

Also, do people have any recommendations for similar bodyweight exercises such as pull ups/ chin ups that build high levels of strength?

Why I say 'similar' is because most people can do about 5-15 perfect form pull ups and that is a very good strength building exercise, but exercises such as press ups are much easier and people can do higher reps.


Sure. I like to focus on one of the two with added weight first and just rep out with the other one as my second exercise.


Cheers, anyone have any answers for the other question?


hand-stand pushups come to mind.
pistol squats perhaps? At least when you first do them.


Do different variations of push-ups, like wighted, spiderman, one-arm, handstand, feet elevated, piston, etc.. The last two weeks I've done weighted push-ups on my RE upper day by grabbing the handles of two dumbells placed on the floor in a nuetral position and putting a 45lb plate on my back. Or, you can put "light" db's in the position described, do one rep and at extension rotate your torso with arm extended, db in hand until your body's in a "t" shape if viewed from the side. I call these windmills, but not sure if that's the right name. I tought an early morning "fitness bootcamp" and it consisted pretty much of nothing but push-up and bw squat variations for an hour, haha. There are literally hundreds of push-up variations out there, and some of'em are pretty damn cool.


Hindi pushups or "judo push ups"
and all manner of plyo push ups.

  • 1 on the weighted push ups, have someone stack a 45 or two on your back and rep out.
    one 45 is easy enough to stack , two gets difficult to place by yourself.

Pistols, Kind Deadlift, even body weigh squats for reps in the 100's
heavy weighted pull ups, dips, etc.

ring work if you can and there are plenty of crazy pull up/inverted rows that youll see on sites like scientific wrestling.



yes on chinups & pullups together

handstand pushups, jumping squats, one legged lunges (one foot behind you with your toes resting up on a bench or something), one arm pushups, death squats (take your legs out wide past your hips, go down into a deep sumo squat w/ thighs parallel to the ground, raise up on your toes - maintaining the deep sumo squat the entire time, make little hops using only your feet. You'll just get a few inches off the ground, if that, & it'll kill your legs.)


its cool to do pull ups and chin ups right after each other would be great if u had sandwich a set or two of hand stand pushups or hands elevated HSPUs. But do work on different grip ranges from medium to wide ones.
As far as progressions are concerned it can be endless but some sure fire techniques to boost up your rep numbers are using heavy weight negatives only (with pull/chin) if you are already comfortable doing bodyweight pulls or chins.
try sternum chin ups and subscap pull ups are awesome strength builders--
also take a look at this cool blog for more pull up /chin up variations like the no hand chin up , its an awesome strength builder -- http://www.beastskills.com/tutorials.htm the pulls section.
Two more accessories can be inverted rows and rack chins with heavy weights.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vM-b4qOOWsE .


Another would be to add plyometrics and do both in succession.


are good examples. These will kill your arms and back.


I know some underground outdoor methods seem cool, but I would be pissed if I was a little kid and I saw dudes doing pull ups while I want to use the monkey bars.