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Pull-Ups & Biceps

Which parts of the bicep are recruited most when doing a pull-up? If you’re going to do a biceps exercise aimed at increasing bodyweight pull-ups for reps, would it be best to target the brachialis, the long head of the brachii or the short head, or the brachioradialis (not really part of biceps group, I know)?

What kind of pull-up are you doing? Can’t answer your question until you provide that information.

Just about every kind you can imagine. Regular, reverse (chins), wide, close (hands 1-2 inches apart), those are the main ones. Looking for improvement on the regulars mainly, however improvements there should carry over to the others.

I assume by “regular” you mean close, supinated grip pullups. This puts a heavy load on the short head of the biceps brachii.

A close, pronated grip puts a greater load on the brachialis due to the biceps brachii being at a mechanical disadvantage.

Having said that, training the lats will probably help even more so than training the forearm flexors...training both groups would be optimal.

Your answer is pretty easy. Whatever grip you are doing chins with, use the same grip with your bicep curls. Prone pull-ups will be most benefitted by reverse curls (brachialis & brachioradialis); hammer grip chins improved by hammer curls (all groups); supine chins improved by regular curls (biceps, brachialis). Training the lats in other ways will also help boost your chin strength. Use machine pullovers to really thrash your lats. This would be one of the first machines I’d ever get if I had my own gym. Straight arm dumbell or bent arm barbell will also help.

Thanks guys. Planning on doing pullovers to augment the pull-ups, just wanted to add something for the biceps as well. Looking like reverse curls & incline hammer curls are gonna be the way to go. Thanks again.