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Pull-ups Article



great front page article on pulups. my favorite exercise. but why was the girl the only one doing a 'pullup' in the photo? all other photos, other than the gymnast, they are all doing 'chinups'..


Who cares?


Because pull ups and chin ups are two words that are often used interchangeably and, since they’re basically variations of each other, it makes sense to write about both at the same time. Yes, the correct title should have been ‘6 Coaches Weigh in on Pull Ups and Chin Ups’, but to quote 02Thief: ‘who cares?’ …


just my attention to detail i guess. articles about pullups and all photos are of chinups…


I agree with CT. I don’t think pullps are anything all that special. I am not going to do them until I begin cutting for my contest in June.


They consider the mouvement. When going high freqency for joints we should do variations, grips, etc not 1 done 25 days in a month. I use 2 separate handles(D shaped) for freedom to move my wrists, it works(rings also work when available). Depending what is available to us they consider small switch are OK.