Pull-Up Rows

"This version of the Pull-Up Row will utilize all of your bodyweight for resistance, just like a chin-up. It can be done using a chin-up bar or, if necessary, using a Smith Machine bar or a bar set on the safety rails of a power rack.

If you have low ceilings, you’ll need to use the power rack or Smith Machine version (set the bar to about 4 feet off the ground) otherwise your feet will hit the ceiling and stop the exercise.

Grasp the chin-up bar with a shoulder-width, underhand grip. Raise your legs up as though doing a complete hanging leg raise movement.

Lean your upper body back to a horizontal position and straighten your legs to vertical. Your shins should be right up against the bar and your feet should be directly above the bar. Your body should be in an “L” shape.

Holding your legs in that position, do a pull-up row from there. Keep your legs as close to the bar as possible when doing this to better keep your balance."

What do you think of this exercise? I think you might simply straighten the legs more and more (until you get ot do a lever pull-up) to make it harder. As I just love bodyweight stuff, I think I will try to get it. I can now only get up until the elbows are by my sides…

Sounds like a good one, but my doorway pull-up bar doesn’t quite allow for proper execution of this exercise.

My entire back routine consists of pull-ups and chin-ups so I’m biased toward bar movements. But I do enjoy some occasional high rep dumbell rowing as well. There’s something called a sternum chin-up in Waterbury’s NB3 program - in it your body is at a 45 degree angle so the exercise hits two planes at once.