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Pull-Up Question


Okay I know this is probably one of the dumbest questions ever posted on here, but I am really curious. Last month I was given some great advice by the T-Vixens as to how to increase my muscle mass. Right now I?m a 5?9? lady weighing in at 124bs. I?m defined (good abs, shoulders, calves). I know it?s only because I?m thin.

Anyway, I already do a lot of push-ups and the T-Vixens told me to start doing pull ups instead because you are working so many muscle groups at the same time. My question is; is there a particular way to do a pull up? I feel like I?m doing them wrong. Should your palms be wrapped around facing you, or away from you?


I wouldn't stop doing pushups. But pullups are great for you. If you face your palms towards yuo it is a chin up, generally these are easier than pullups.

A true pullup is with an overhand grip, and the movement is just how you would think it would be; straight up,chin over the bar, then back down. Maintaining good form is the best thing to do, control your descent. Good luck!


Your should be doing horizontal push/pull and vertical push/pull for overall balance.

Pushup is a horizontal push and pullup is a vertical pull. Add some form horizontal pull (i.e. bent over row, low cable pull, dumbell row, etc.) and a vertical push (i.e. military press, dumbell press, etc.) and your good to go.