Pull-Up Poser

Hi all,

I have no pull-up bar at home, and was wondering if there’s an alternative that I can do using my free weights?

Thanks for any advice,


Have any trees nearby? Grab a branch and have at it.

There’s a lot of exercises for your back (and rear delts and biceps and such) you can do with freeweights, and they’re all great, but I’m having trouble thinking of a vertical pull using freeweights that doesn’t have you dangling from a chin-up bar. Which of course would defeat the purpose.

Do you have a sled? You could get into a bent over row position and pull it towards you using only your arms/back. It’d be similar, kind of.



I sugest you just go to your nerest fitness store and grab a pull-up bar. theres not much that beat or even compares to doing pull-ups.

$20 for a pullup bar, it fits in most doorways, no assembly required, no screws or nails. Priceless.

So those doorway pull-up bars are OK? I was a bit concerned about putting my faith in a bar that was wedged between a door frame.

Also, in the last few years I’ve broken the scaphoid in my my left wrist twice, and once in my right (basketball and football), and I recall trying to do pull-ups after those injuries being very painful. I think I’m just being a wuss, and need to give it a go.