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Pull-up Form Check and Dips

Hi T-Nation I am Marcus Kwarkus and this is my first post.

I’ve quit powerlifting for calisthenics. Have a minor lower back injury from doing squats, and they never felt right to me because of my build.

Not really sure what form checking is needed…


Welcome to the site man, it’s a pretty good place if you want to stick around and join in.

If you just wanted an answer to your question: yes, those are pull ups. They’re fine.


Yeah, uh, what exactly are you hoping to check? Considering we see about 70% of the ROM, it looks 70% fine.

Pretty sure an unspoken rule of form check videos is to make sure you’re recording the entire exercise being performed.

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Thanks for all the replies
I managed 11 pullups today, i’m doing calisthenics everyday.
But my bodyweight decreased to 82kg.
I’m cutting to bruce lee level bodyfat so I can learn handstand more easily.

I have a new video of my dips, how is the form?

I managed 13 pullups 2 days ago with better form.
Going for 15 today. Im not sure if the form is perfect.
Does Al Avocado the calisthenics master browse this forum?