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Pull-Up/Chin-Up Variation

I’ve got a “door gym” at home which fits in a door frame and allows one to do chin-ups (palms facing you) and pull-ups(palms facing forward).

There’s a third variation. From the horizontal bar a pair of curved bars go up to the cross-member that sits on the door moulding. If you grip these you can pull yourself up with your palms facing each other. It’s actually a very comfortable grip.

Is there a name for this variation? In terms of the muscle groups worked, how does it differ from traditional chin/pull-ups and what are the benefits/shortcomings compared to the traditional lifts?

That particular grip is called semi-supinated. It’s common to see on the assisted machines. I’m not sure exactly how the muscles are activated differently, but it’s always beneficial for development to use a variety of grips.