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Pull-up/Chin-up Alternative?


I’m gonna start the Beyond 1.1 program next week and I’m wondering what would be a good substitute for the pull-ups/chinups. Weighing in at 255, 6.4ft and not very strong I can only manage a max of 5-6 reps and it dwindles down to 2 reps after 3 sets. I was wondering if you’d suggest doing inverted rows or 5x10 D.B. or Kroc rows?


Just the standard cable pulldown machine at the gym is the best alternative if your no where close to the reps you need for that motion. I still do pullups but just do a few more sets and keep the reps lower on all sets so they don’t dwindle down. If you are still making progress on them you don’t have to get a certain sets/reps because a program says so, just do what you are able to.


I guess I forgot to mention that I’m not working out at a commercial gym but, in my garage. All I have access to is a bench, squat rack, pull up bar, dumbbells and oly bar.


Fat man pull ups


Band assisted pull ups.


I was thinking band assisted or even negatives?


Just not sure if Jim would ever suggest 50 negative pull-ups lol


I’ve never tried them but bands might be the best idea, anything to make the real pullups easier then your at least doing the movement with load appropriate for your strength level.


spread your sets out; don’t do them back to back. Super set your other lifts and just do sets of 2-3 reps. Once you can’t do another chin, substitute inverted rows or band assisted chins. Negative chins could help too. Do not substitute chins/pull-ups - do what you can and get better at them. So try doing 2 sets of w/e else you’re doing that day (squat, bench etc…) and then do a set of 2 or 3 chins. Then do another 2 sets of w/e, then 1 set of 2-3 chins. The volume will creep up on you and you wont fatigue yourself as quickly. 6’4" at 255 doesn’t sound fat to me, but once you can’t get a chin in, do inverted rows.


I think I might try the super sets and see where that gets me. I used to be able to do more but I lost about 100lbs off my squat/deadlift and 60lbs off my bench/ohp due to fighting vertigo and other issues for a few years. Bf % went from 19 to 25%.


You could try pull-ups using the bar in the squat rack. Start from your knees and use assistance as needed.


bicep curls chin ups are an arm exercise


I would use inverted rows or so called fat man rows/ chins.
It’s a true pulling exercise. You can put a bar on the safeties in your squat rack or even better if possible hang some chain from the top cross bar of your rack and attach a handle to the chain. Like the spud inc handles. Do a set between each set of BP or OHP. Start easy and build up for a total of 50 reps. Even if in the beginning you do 7 sets of 2 it’s a start and work up. They are easy on the shoulder. You can monitor your progress and program a total number for each cycle of 531. You can always switch to chins or pull up when you are ready or want. Do some push up on squat and DL day


You could get a TRX - helps with pulling-exercises a lot…


I guess every movement similar to pull up/chin ups would be fine as long as there’s some kind of progression

Fat man pull ups,inverted rows,pull ups with bands,it really doesn’t matter as long as you do something and progress in reps,reduce band tension or some other way


I’m gonna super set the bench and pull ups but lower the rep range down to 25 instead of 50 and see if that’s attainable in 5 sets and go from there.


that’s a good idea, start as slow as possible and add a few reps every cycle.