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Pull-Up Bar with Non-Foam Rubber Hand Grips

I have a pull-up bar similar to the on in the picture at http://www.prosourcefit.com/products/multi-grip-pull-up-bar.

The hand grips are neoprene-ish foam. They break down very easily, and very quickly become tattered.

Would anyone know of an upscale version with solid rubber grips? I’m not looking for just any pullup bar. I like the multiple grips on the above pull-up bar, and the fact that some of the grips are offset from the plane of the door frame.

You could just wrap hockey tape/cycling tape around the sections where the foam has broken down. Or just grip the metal?


Tape wouldn’t work. The surface has to be smooth. One’s whole weight is bearing down on a small area, and any gnarly surface would be problematic. As for grabbing the metal, if the original grip gets too tattered or gnarly, I will have to remove it and grip the metal. It’s a hard contact on a small area with all of one’s body weight, so not ideal.

Lotsa dudes/dudettes deadlifting many times bodyweight. Your hands will be fine if its held in your hands properly.


That might be the case for deadlifting, and maybe even pullups for some folks. Personally, I don’t find that to be the case, even with the small bit of gnarliness in the less tattered parts of the grips. That’s the reason I posted this.

okey… with all due respect maybe


I don’t get why you need it to be soft? If your hands are that tender and you have no want to get them more used to the pressure, buy gloves. Otherwise, just endure it and get used to it. You use your hands everyday. Might as well build them up.

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This one from Rogue looks like fun.

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I’d need more than a 1-bedroom rented apartment. Currently, I’m seeking one that hangs on the door frame.

I bought this one five years ago and it works really well, and is still holding up really well. It’s nice that it’s ‘elevated’ because you can place it on the ground for pushups and dips as well. It’s the ‘Elevated Chin Up Station by GoFit’

This one is the same concept, but I believe that it is more sturdy. It’s called the ‘Ultimate Body Press XL Doorway Pull Up Bar with Elevated Bar & Adjustable Width’

Thanks, IronAndMetal! I’m going to mull it over. Amazon says that both have foam grips rather than solid rubber. The red one got mixed reviews, but the white one seems to be positively received. I have a particular idiosyncrasy that I have to watch out for. I like to lean back on my pull-ups so that I’m hitting the back a bit more than the lats. Not sure if the bottom-most cross-bar would interfere. But it might be worth the gamble nevertheless.

Still hoping that there is a product out there that has solid rubber grips, but not holding my breath.

Ironmaster super bench. Its not a door mount approach but it does have a chinning attachment.
Good quality, a good option for a home trainer in a rented apartment

Thanks, Beyond_Beyond, but I’m looking for something with zero footprint. So it needs to be a door frame hanger.

I don’t know how you guys use those door attached things. I’m frightened to death by them. I’d rather have an outdoor one I can bolt to a wall.

At my old house i had one, once it fell off the door frame whilst doing pullups. Ouch.

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These days, there are brackets that prevent the back-most cross bar from slipping off of the top of the door frame.