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Pull Up Bar Recommendations

I’m looking to buy a decent pull up bar for my home. I can’t get a wall mounted system because I am renting a house. I’ve considered a door mounted system, but am worried that the doors/system wouldn’t be sturdy enough, and some of the stand systems are rather expensive, or are very wobbly. Basically I’d like some recomendations from people who have actually used pull-up bars at home…

I dont know what your budget is but you may want to look into the T.A.P.S. system. Its really sturdy, high quality, but also somewhat expensive.

do you have a basement? i made one with a 1" dia pipe(i think) and some big wood screws with a closed loop on the end of the same diameter. (not sure what these are called) and drilled them straight into the bottom of the floor joists… has held up for the past 4 months and only cost me about 4 bucks